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Merchant Mariner Credential Processing Delays Update

The National Maritime Center (NMC) continues to experience a greater-than-average volume of applications for Merchant Mariner Credentials (MMC). This bulletin outlines actions to be taken for U.S. mariners holding national and STCW endorsements.


Regional Examination Center (REC) Baltimore has reported an IT system malfunction that resulted in the deletion of their mariner application e-mail inbox. This malfunction occurred at approximately 8:00 a.m. EST on Tuesday, November 16, 2016. Although the e-mail inbox has been restored, there may be a small number of applications that were submitted just prior to the malfunction that may be irretrievable. The NMC has confirmed that no personally identifiable information (PII) was compromised as a result of this IT system malfunction.

Mariners who e-mailed applications to the REC Baltimore application e-mail address ( between 4:00 p.m. EST Monday, November 14, 2016, and 8:00 a.m. EST Tuesday, November 15, 2016, may contact the NMC’s Customer Service Center to confirm that the application was received. Those mariners who may have received an undeliverable error message while attempting to submit an application to the REC Baltimore e-mail inbox are encouraged to resubmit their e-mail at this time.

Mariners may contact the NMC Customer Service Center using our Online Chat System, by e-mail at, or by calling 1-888-IASKNMC (427-5662) to determine the status of their e-mailed applications.

As of October 1, 2015, the United States Coast Guard has implemented the use of the new CG-719 series of forms (B, C, K, K/E, P, and S) that will replace the forms displaying a June 30, 2012, expiration date.

The Coast Guard will not stock the CG-719 series of forms in paper format. These forms may be obtained electronically in a PDF fillable format on the National Maritime Center (NMC) website. Additional updates to the NMC website will occur as quickly as possible to reflect the new forms.

The Coast Guard encourages providers and applicants to purge the old forms from inventory and to begin using the new forms as soon as possible. In order to avoid penalizing mariners who have already completed their forms, the NMC will continue to accept the old forms for a period of time.

With the exception of forms K and K/E, the Coast Guard will no longer accept outdated CG-719 forms after April 1, 2016. For the K and K/E, forms signed by a physician after December 31, 2015, must be the new form version. In accordance with 46CFR10.304(d), the K or K/E must be submitted within 12 months of the date signed by a licensed medical professional, therefore, the Coast Guard will no longer accept outdated K or K/E forms after December 31, 2016.

Here is the entire announcement from the National Maritime Center

Women on the Water (WOW) Conference, co-hosted by the Maritime Administration (MARAD) and the Texas Maritime Academy, will be held in Galveston on November 4-6. (7/21/10)

November 4th through the 6th,  the Maritime Administration and Texas Maritime Academy will host the fourth annual Women on the Water (WOW) Conference in Galveston, TX. The Conference will bring together cadets from the Federal and State Merchant Marine Academies and Colleges with professional women who are leaders in different sectors of the maritime industry. The event will be an excellent opportunity for the cadets to learn about the exciting careers that are open to them directly from successful women as well as to hear about current issues affecting the maritime industry. This is also an excellent opportunity for the cadets and professional women alike to meet and network with others in the maritime industry. If you would like to be added to the mailing list for the Women on the Water Conference, or if you have questions regarding the conference, please send an e-mail to

Click here for more information about the conference  on the MARAD website

Today (2.16.2010) is the final day to post comments regarding the proposed changes to the STCW Code. The ruling includes a number of clarifications and changes in 46 CFR Parts 10, 11, 12 and 15. For a detailed description of the proposed changes please go here Critical Changes to Licensing.

To submit a comment follow this link:

The US Coast Guard National Maritime Center (NMC) issued a notice stating that it has launched a new service that will automatically send an email notification to US merchant mariners informing them of changes in the status of their credential application as it is being processed by the Coast Guard. Mariners need only provide an email address to make use of this service. (12/3/09).

 As part of the ongoing merchant marine licensing centralization project, all Regional Examination Centers (RECs) are now set up for on-line appointments. Mariners are highly encouraged to make an appointment prior to coming to the REC. Now that all RECs have much smaller staffs, mariners who choose to walk in without an appointment run the risk of being served on a “Space Available Basis” only.

Mariners desiring an appointment at an REC can make an appointment by clicking here, then clicking on the appropriate state where the REC the want to visit is located.

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