USCG – Failure to Disclose Convictions

Photo Credit: BrianGriffinFan (Deviant Art)

Photo Credit: BrianGriffinFan (Deviant Art)

The USCG National Maritime Center (NMC) posted an announcement stating that it has noted an increase in the number of applications in which the applicants have not properly disclosed previous convictions as required.

If an applicant pleads guilty or no contest, is granted deferred adjudication, or is required by a court to attend classes, make contributions of time or money, receive treatment, submit to any manner of probation or supervision, or forego appeal of a trial court’s conviction, then the Coast Guard will consider the applicant to have received a conviction.

Further, an applicant’s signature in Section III of the CG-719B application form acknowledges the potential consequences of false statements (i.e., grounds for denial of the application as well as criminal prosecution and financial penalty). (10/8/14).