Coast Guard Press Release 1.29.14

In an effort to rapidly provide medical certificates for mariners sailing internationally, the National Maritime Center (NMC) has recently discovered that some mariners have been issued medical certificates which will expire between January and September 2014. To resolve this issue, the NMC is taking the following action: 

  • In order to mitigate additional obligations for those mariners impacted, the NMC will be issuing a new medical certificate with STCW expiration in 2015. This only applies to mariners whose Merchant Mariner Credential containing STCW endorsements was originally issued during the period of January to September 2012.
  •  Mariners who have medical waivers that have an annual submission requirement will still receive a time-limited medical certificate that corresponds with the appropriate required submission dates.

The NMC wishes to thank those mariners impacted for their patience while their medical certificates are corrected and sent to them. Please call 1-800-IASKNMC (1-800-437-5662) or email for further information.

To read the press release, click here (PDF)