Coast Guard Sector Southeastern New England


Passenger vessel industry day was held on March 8th, 2012, at UMASS Dartmouth Advanced Technology & Manufacturing Center in Fall River, MA. More than 100 people were in attendance for the event this year. That is an outstanding turnout and we thank all of you for taking time out of your busy spring schedules!  The overall response to this event was worthwhile and valuable. 

The following numbered items provide a brief summary of the different topics covered. Although we attempted to answer each question during the meeting, we left with a few unanswered questions.  The answers to those questions can be found within this meeting summary.  Additionally, contact information for presenters on each topic is provided on the last page.  If you forgot a handout or would like to view any of the presentations given, all of the information presented may be found on the Homeport website.  Go to and click “Port Directory” at the top of the page.  From the “Select Coast Guard Unit” drop down menu select “Southeastern New England (Providence)”.  When the page loads, scroll down and select “Domestic Vessel Inspections”, then select “Small Passenger Vessel Industry Day 2012”.

Click here to read the minutes from the passenger vessel industry day (PDF)