Recently the U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center issued new guidance on encoding requirements for AIS units operating in U.S. waters.  Excerpts from the guidance include:
“The Coast Guard continues to see an unacceptable number of AIS users who are not updating their Navigational Status or accurately broadcasting static or voyage related information – MMSI, name, dimensions, static draft, destination, ETA, etc. 
     Mariners are reminded that U.S. regulation requires that each AIS be maintained in effective operating condition which includes accurate input and upkeep of all AIS data parameters.  Failure to do so may subject a vessel to civil penalties of up to $40,000 per occurrence.  To avoid penalties AIS Users in the United States should ensure their system is [properly] encoded…”

This new guidance also includes an updated AIS Encoding Guide to assist mariners in properly encoding their AIS to meet Federal regulations. 

 The new guidance and AIS Encoding Guide are contained in a three-page brochure available  at the following link – New AIS Encoding Guidance for US Waters (PDF) 

The new guidance and AIS Encoding Guide may also be obtained by contacting Mr. Edward G. LeBlanc at U.S. Coast Guard Sector Southeastern New England,  401-435-2351, or

To report a problem or for further information regarding AIS, including Coast Guard plans to extend U.S. carriage requirements to most commercial ships transiting U.S. navigable waters, contact or visit  the Navigation Center website