The new face of ASTA 

The American Sail Training Association was founded in 1973 by a small group of sailors and enthusiasts led by Barclay Warburton III, who had been so impressed by the European phenomenon of sail training that he wished to establish a similar movement inAmerica.  Little did our founders know how successful they would be! 

In the nearly forty years since our inception, the member fleet has grown to more than 200 vessels, our races and maritime festivals have reached millions of Americans, and our member programs now provide more than 1.9 million participant-days at sea each year.  ASTA is the hub for tall ships expertise, information and activity in North America.  Recognizing this success, the United StatesCongress has designated ASTA as the official sail training organization to represent the nation in the international forum. 

Now, we are proud to announce to our members, supporters and friends that we have adopted a new public identity: Tall Ships America.   Our mission is unchanged, and just as we have done since 1973, Tall Ships America will encourage character building through sail training, promote sail training to the North American public and support education under sail. 

As Tall Ships America, we will carry our proud mission forward under a bright new banner, one that will capture the imagination of the North American public for the 21st century.  We hope you will sign aboard Tall Ships America for the next leg of this epic voyage – we are bound for distant horizons of adventure and education under sail.