On February 8, 2010, the Coast Guard ceased transmission of the Loran-C signal. As the Loran-C system is no longer in operation, it is unnecessary and impractical to require mariners to demonstrate competency navigating by use of Loran-C. 


Effective immediately, mariners applying for Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) endorsement as Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch (OICNW) will not be required to complete the practical assessment to determine a ship’s position by use of electronic navigational aids: LORAN. This assessment is designated as number OICNW-1-4C in National Maritime Center Policy Letter 01-02.
As specified in 46 CFR 11.903(c) and Navigational and Vessel Inspection Circular (NVIC) 08-02,Guidelines for Assessing Merchant Mariners Through Demonstrations of Proficiency as Officers in Charge of a Navigational Watch on Ships of 500 Gross Tonnage or More as Measured Under the International Tonnage Convention (ITC), mariners applying for an OICNW endorsement are required to demonstrate they have met the competency standards in Table A-II/1 of the STCW Code.
As of February 8, 2010, all questions concerning Loran-C have been removed from Coast Guard administered examinations for deck officer endorsements. Training providers offering Coast Guard approved courses that include training in Loran-C may revise their courses and/or the examinations used in these courses to reflect the discontinuance of the Loran-C system. This bulletin constitutes approval from the National Maritime Center to eliminate Loran-C topics from course curricula and examinations. A copy of this bulletin should be filed with course files.