On August 16, 2010, DOT published a final rule which will go into effect on October 1, 2010. This rule affects anyone in a random drug testing program mandated by the US Coast Guard.

The new regulation adds MDMA, known on the street as Ecstasy, to the list of drugs screened for in DOT mandated drug tests.

For initial tests, the agency lowered the cutoff levels for detecting the presence of cocaine and amphetamines, and heroin was added to the list.

Initial tests are the first tests done on samples. If a sample shows positive results for illegal drugs, it is then put through a confirmation test.

Drugs that will be screened for once the regulation goes into effect include:

€ Marijuana

€ Cocaine

€ Opiate metabolites of codeine and/or morphine

€ 6-Acetylmorphine, which is heroin

€ Phencyclidine, commonly referred to as PCP

€ Amphetamines of AMP and/or MAMP, such as speed

€ MDMA, street name Ecstasy

Beginning October 1, any USCG mandated drug tests will automatically incorporate the new regulations.