WASHINGTON, July 13 — Environmental Protection Agency has issued a notice called: Clean Water Act Section 312(b): Notice Seeking Stakeholder Input on Petition and Other Request To Revise the Performance Standards for Marine Sanitation Devices.

The notice, published in the Federal Register on July 12 by Denise Keehner, Director, Office of Wetlands, Oceans, and Watersheds, states: “This action notifies the public that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA or ”the Agency”) has received a petition for rulemaking from Friends of the Earth (FOE) and another separate request for rulemaking under section 312 of the Clean Water Act (CWA). In general these rulemaking-related requests ask EPA to revise its regulations establishing performance standards for vessel sewage treatment devices under the CWA. The rulemaking petition from FOE also requests that EPA establish monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting requirements under the CWA to ensure compliance with the performance standards. EPA has not made a decision on whether to grant or deny the rulemaking requests, nor is the Agency proposing any changes to the performance standards or other provisions of its regulations at this time. Rather, the purpose of today’s Notice is simply to make the public aware of the issues raised in the requests for rulemaking and to obtain the public’s input, in the form of comment and relevant information, to help EPA determine appropriate action in response to each of these requests. In particular, EPA seeks input regarding: The universe of vessels operating on navigable waters that use sewage treatment devices; technical information on the performance, effectiveness and costs of vessel sewage treatment devices, including performance testing data; suggestions on what, if any, changes to the performance standards might be appropriate; and information on monitoring, record keeping and reporting approaches for vessel sewage discharges.”


 ASTA members may want to consider commenting.