Dear Merchant Mariner,

Many mariners, especially those that are at sea or away from home for extended periods of time, have authorized third parties, such as a spouse or an employer, to handle the details of their credential application while they are gone. If you would like to authorize the National Maritime Center (NMC) to work directly with others, and to protect your privacy, please follow the instructions below.

To start, you will need to send the NMC a Third Party Release. The release will provide instruction to the NMC on what information and with whom the details of your application can be discussed. You may send the release in any format, provided it contains the information in the list below. You may also use the sample release format, found on our web site at . For authorize a third part to act on your behalf, your release will need to:

  • Be in writing
  • Include your full name and signature
  • Include the date you wish the release to expire.
  • Include your unique Mariner Reference Number (MRN) if you have one or your Social   Security Number if you are a first time applicant for a credential.
  • Include the full name, address, phone number and other contact information of the authorized third party.
  • Provide specific instructions on what information can be discussed on your behalf. For example:

                              You are sailing and you would like your spouse to be able to discuss all of the information in your   application with the National Maritime Center. 
                             You may specify limited authorization, if you choose: “discuss all of the information in my application except information about my medical conditions.


You may send the release to the NMC by the four methods listed below:

  •   Include it with your credential application packet
  •   Scan the signed release and email it to
  •   Fax the signed release to 304-433-3416
  •  Mail the signed release to the NMC at the address above.



David C. Stalfort  


Captain, U. S. Coast Guard Commanding Officer

United States Coast Guard

National Maritime Center


100 Forbes Drive

Martinsburg, WV 25404

Phone: (304) 433-3400

Fax: (304) 433-3409