A sad note from Holland and Knight, but be sure to follow Dennis Bryant online at his new blog

After 13 years with Holland & Knight and 10 years publishing this electronic newsletter, I am shifting my flag to the Internet.  Today is my last day with the law firm and my last day as editor of this newsletter.  Henceforth, you can reach me at my blog – Bryant’s Maritime Blog

[ http://bryantsmaritimeblog.blogspot.com ].  

While the blog may superficially resemble the newsletter, there will be important differences.   First, it will not show up in your e-mail’s In Box.  Rather, you will have to go to it on the Internet.  Therefore, you may wish to put the site on your Favorites list.  Then again, maybe not – your choice.  Second, while the blog will attempt to keep track of maritime developments (as did the newsletter), it will allow for a dialogue. Thus, if you wish to comment on a topic in the blog, or just wish to sound off, this will provide you with a forum.  While I will retain editorial control, I will try to not stifle criticism, only irrelevancy and redundancy.  Third, plans call for the blog to eventually include advertizing.  Please support the blog site by clicking on some or all of the advertisements that interest you.  All the best to each and every one of you.  If you wish to chat less publicly, you can reach me at: dennis.l.bryant@gmail.com.