Some helpful information from the Regional Exam Center (REC) in New York City about the future of applying for credentials and what to bring to the REC when you go for your TWIC….

As required by law, all credentialed U.S. merchant mariners must obtain a Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC), prior to September 25, 2008 – this includes all persons holding a Coast Guard-issued License, Certificate of Registry, Merchant Mariner Document or Standards of Training, Certification and Watch-keeping for Seafarers endorsement.

The Coast Guard is currently engaged with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) working out the specific information, provided by applicants to TSA during TWIC enrollment, which would be needed to process an application for a Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC). We (USCG) are also attempting to determine the method by which the information we require will be shared with to us by TSA. We expect to have coordinated these details prior to September 25, 2008, if not sooner.

Until the information-sharing arrangement is worked out, mariners will still have to be fingerprinted and have their identity verified at one of the 17 Coast Guard Regional Examination Centers in accordance with 46 CFR Parts 10 and 12 when applying for a Coast Guard mariner credential whether they have or have not applied for a TWIC. It is expected that a future rulemaking will amend this requirement to permit the process of applying for a merchant mariner credential to be conducted entirely through the mail (or by electronic means, but at any rate without a requirement for an appearance in person at an REC). For more information on improvements we’re making to Mariner Licensing and Documentation go to our web site at:
or to

Before you walk in to REC NY you must have:
1. Proof of Citizenship (Birth Certificate/Passport)
2. Second Approved ID (Driver’s License/State ID)
3. Application
4. Current, COMPLETE Physical
5. Correct Payment (no cash)

If you are missing any of the above items we cannot start the process and you will be turned away!

Please! Do not sit in our waiting area for two hours thinking this does not apply to you!

Mariners experience delays in processing because of incomplete applications. We at the REC cannot begin to process your application until you have met ALL of the requirements, the most common reason historically has been Medical Information, the Physician forgot to check a box or the physical requires additional testing, (uncorrected vision, stress test, blood test, unaided hearing test). Don’t let this happen to you!

“I never had to do this before”. The process has changed and will
continue to change, please make sure you are keeping up to date with the changes, they can all be found at:


Homeport is probably the most informational site the Coast Guard has available. Once on the Homeport site, mariners can check on anything from policy and guidance to the status of an open application.

Once on the site, in the menu column to the left (shaded in gray) and eight spots down is a link titled “Merchant Mariners”. Clicking on “Merchant Mariners” will allow you access to information regarding TWIC, Policy, Checklists, STCW information, etc.

I hope this helps in getting information out to the industry! These emails will not include specific licensing requirements, that information is readily available online and in the CFR. If you have a specific question, please contact the REC. Please do not expect the REC staff to evaluate your information over the phone. Going forward, some topics covered today will be included in future distributions.