Continuing on the TWIC thread from the Feb. 19th post, TWIC Website Launched, The TWIC Deployment Team is pleased to announce the launch of the new TWIC Deployment Website:

This website was created to help stakeholders easily find information relating to TWIC Enrollment Center locations and hours of operation, access port-specific and generic communication materials that can be printed and distributed around the port community, and find answers to common FAQs relating to enrollment. It contains links to other important TWIC-related websites such as the TWIC Pre-Enrollment website, TSA’s TWIC Program website, and USCG’s Homeport website.

Included below are tips to help TWIC stakeholders navigate the website:

1. Do not type “www” before the website address. The full address is ;

2. Under the Schedule tab, ports are listed alphabetically. If a port is open for pre-enrollment, stakeholders will be able to click on the port’s name and access port-specific materials as well as a map of the enrollment center location.

3. will continually be updated to reflect possible changes to enrollment center addresses and hours of operation. Please check in frequently for updates on the TWIC program and for your specific port location. will continue to operate as an additional source of information for the TWIC program.

Information provided by the TWIC Deployment Team